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Anaise On a Ice winter.


Which two ways do the penguins move?
They Lay Down And Sild And Their Plodded.
How do the penguins keep the egg warm?
They Tucked the eggs under ther Legs
Who was left behind to look after the eggs?
It was gwin because the mum needed to get some food.
Why did the penguins huddle together?
It was dark And cold.
What season did the mothers return from the sea?
It was summer.
How did the penguins recognise each other?
Cause they knew the same voice
Would you rather be the mother or father penguin? Why?
I would rather be a father so I could take care with My Egg.

Quick draw art.

  In Cybersmart today we play  a game called  Quick draw. we had to draw a picures before the timer run out I thought it was going to be hard and the game said draw a snail so I draw the snails. And I heard the robot saying I think it a snail.