Hinemoa and Tutankai.

          JJ 46 Level 2 – Hinemoa and Tutanekai

                        Follow up activity


  1. Agree/Disagree statements – Justify your answer:


Statement Agree/Disagree How do I know?
Hinemoa’s father wasn’t happy with his daughter’s relationship. Hinemoa and Tutanekai. wanted to be together But Hinemoa’s father would not Agree.
Hinemoa smashed the hue to make Tutanekai come to her. She wanted to come with tutanekai.
They thought that a calm water would be more favorable for paddling. At last They worked out a way to be together. They Agreed that on a calm night

  • Synonyms – match the words with their synonyms

brave dedicated still
calm Still  dedicated
determined courageous Come back
reach Stretch out solve
return Come back stretch out
work out solve courageous


  1. Irregular verbs – Match the following verbs to their past tense form:


think thought took
may might sent
hide hid came
creep crept saw
send sent fell
go came met
tell told thought
take took might
give gave made
fall fell knew
make made heard
meet met crept
know knew went
see saw began
begin began gave
come came hid
hear heard told

  • Write three characteristics the you have in common with Hinemoa or Tutanekai:


Character: Hinemoa tutanekai Umukaria. Determined crept edge 
We have in common Hinemoa would paddle a waka over to Mokoia Island to join him.

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