My Sailing Boat Animation.

TODAY IN  CYBERSMART  with Mr goodwin. we learned how to make a google silde Animation. I did My new Animation call My sailing Boat. so I work hard And done doing My sailing Boat Animation.

4 thoughts on “My Sailing Boat Animation.

  1. Hi Anna
    I like your Google Slide animation Did you think it was hard or easy? I thought that making curve lines was difficult but I love your work.

  2. HI ana, i like your Goggle slide animation. did you think it was hard? i thought that making curve lines was difficult.

  3. Malo lava Anaise I love your animation post because I like how it goes around. I hope you do more animation posts because I love them so plz do it.But have you ever seen a book at the library that has a book about boats. I love your work and keep it up.

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