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My Picnic School.


Point England Picnic


First At Friday, the 27th of March from last week. We and the Pt England School. went to the  Team 4 Assembly Hall, and Sat down at the Team 4 “hall. Afterwards we just sat down, and waited for All the Class to the Assembly Hall.


Next after that. We check in our bags if we have Water bottles and some lunches,

And the hat as well. as we started to sit down in the Assembly hall. As we finished, we went to The Gates Next to Bike Tracks and the Parks Is. 


Then the Pt England schools, and my Class walk to the Beach. And as we went there, to the Beach. We couldn’t Sit down on the grass Because It was wet, so we Just stood up while the Grass is “Dry” before the sun comes up.


After that, We started to Play at the park and the Beach too. I was with someone who was my friend. Her name was Mahana, Then we Played at the Beach” then I took off the slippers and. Went to play on the beach. And Mahana Just wore her shoes on the Beach and started to play with the sand. And I Just went and saw some boys and Girls Playing with the clay. 

And I went over there and played some clay and Then, after 1 hour I forgot Mahana was here. 

Then I went to look for Mahana on the beach, but she wasn’t at the Beach. So I felt Lonely, But.  Then I saw Akaisha eating, So I felt like Eating, so we Started to Play for 2 hours at the Parks and That.


Lastly/ Finally It took 4 Hours, and we were Able to Go home. We went back to school and Went to school, and went to our class. 

And waited for the bell to ring and To go Home. Then It was Home Time So we Started to go Home.


I felt Good because It was Fun Going at the Beach, and Playing at the Beach and the Park Too, I hope You Have a Wonderful Day Bye.