Day: August 31, 2022

Taking the Scraps Out.

Taking the Scraps out

Page 26


Question  Answer
Where did mum tell the boy to put the scraps? p.26 Outside and throw them in the Garden. 
What did the boy notice when he went out to the garden a few weeks later? p.27 When he Threw the Plant. The plant was growing in the place where he threw the plant in the Garden.
What had happened after days of rain and sun? p.28 When the rain and the sunshine Followed, the Plant grew Bigger And Bigger. It Sent long Shoots along the Ground.
How big had the pumpkins grown and what colour were they? p.29 So The Pumpkins Change to Grey Pumpkin, and then when the boy touched the grey pumpkin it was so soft, so he lay down next to the grey pumpkin.
What do you need to do if you want to store pumpkins for a long time? p.30 Because It Meant that they Could be stored for a long time.